Restaurant Accounting Services

Operating a successful restaurant can be overwhelming. The service industry is one of the toughest to stay ahead in. There is a multitude of challenges business owners face every day in the industry, and we understand them. At Patterson, we also understand the complexity of tax regulations and the magnitude of paperwork that comes with it. We’re here to take care of those things so you can make staying ahead a priority.

Patterson & Company's Team of Certified Public Accountants will file and pay all of your monthly and quarterly tax returns. They’ll also prepare your federal and state tax returns as well as distribute your K-1s. The time saved by outsourcing this work allows you to focus on what’s important, your family, your business, or anything you’re passionate about. 

Our multi-disciplined team of professionals has years of industry-specific experience and industry-tested expertise. We’ve provided tax and restaurant accounting services to a wide range of clients for over a decade. From full-service dining establishments and hotels, franchise restaurants and caterers, we’ve dealt with it all. All of our services are done for an affordable, fixed fee. Clients typically save more money by hiring us rather than an in-house accountant or outsourcing their work to several different firms and processors.

Our knowledge and experience in the industry ensure that partnering with us will be like having an industry peer advising you rather than an outsider looking in. This experience has made us familiar with the tax laws that are specific to the restaurant industry, commonly used forms and notices, and day-to-day foodservice operations.  It has also given us the first-hand knowledge to answer all of your questions about tip reporting, food and liquor costs, sales tax audits, and more. Our accounting skills can help you mitigate your tax burden. We know the industry inside and out and are keen on industry trends, making us trusted advisors to keep by your side in order to improve your bottom line.