Peer Review

We understand that continuous improvement is necessary but difficult. Trying to increase the standards of a business on your own adds to that difficulty, especially when you’re constantly setting goals for yourself. To help us improve as Certified Public Accountants, we conduct internal and external peer reviews to get closer to the goals we set for ourselves. There are always ways to improve, and our peer reviews give us the tools necessary to do so. 

Our internal peer reviews are conducted on a periodic basis. In doing these, we ensure that all professional standards are met. We scrutinize our technical skills, looking to eliminate any possible flaws and boost our strengths. Being a leading accounting firm requires a routine sharpening of skills, and our internal reviews shine a light on the ways to improve these skills. In addition to that, we also evaluate our client rapport. Client care is of utmost importance to us, and internal peer reviews are invaluable to finding new opportunities to better serve our clients’ needs. 

Our external peer engagement reviews are conducted every three years. The focus of our external reviews is ensuring that we are maintaining industry standards of technical competence and ethical practice. We are proud to say that we have been able to set the bar so high within our company that these standards have been consistently exceeded throughout the years. Our most recent Peer Engagement review provides evidence that our financial report quality is well above industry standards. In addition, we have also received the highest possible rating as established by standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). We are proud of these achievements, and we are glad to not only keep the bar set high but to keep pushing for improvement in all areas. We look forward to making self improvements year after year, delivering the best possible service and experience to our clients along the way.