Frequently Asked Questions

What is BOSS?

BOSS – Back Office Support System.  We handle everything a normal in-house accounting team would handle, except we are not in your way.

What does my new “accounting team” consist of?

You will have contact of an accounting specialist, accounting manager, payroll specialist, and a tax manager working in sync to delivery timely and accurate work for you and to you.

Will I lose control over my books?

You will actually have more control than ever. By eliminating the hassle of paperwork, and increasing your financial expertise. Timely and accurate reports at your fingertips not only increase your control, but your confidence and management decisions as well.

How does my transition over to Patterson happen?

In one of our initial meetings, we will lay out the onboarding steps. We will work with you or your existing accountant to obtain the necessary records needed for a successful transition. Your assigned onboarding specialist will be there every step of the way.

How do you pay my bills?

You or your vendors provide invoices to us weekly. We prepare them for your approval and then make payments through our electronic bill pay system. You make the payment decisions / set payment criteria and pay the bills.

How does my company operate during the transition?

Nothing Changes. When our engagement begins, our team immediately assumes bookkeeping and payroll functions. We contact your vendors for statements to reconcile accounts payable; we reconcile and get your checkbook(s) up to date, etc.

If my bookkeeping is behind, can you catch me up?

Absolutely! Don’t worry, this is not unusual and we have seen and corrected it all.

Who will pay my taxes?

We handle every aspect of your bookkeeping function, including remittance of taxes due on your behalf.

Who will I be communicating with Patterson?

Initially, your onboarding specialist will ensure a smooth transition. On a regular basis, your assigned client accounting specialist and payroll processor will be your main points of contact. Your accounting manager provides complete oversight.